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Dress up your favourite pair of trousers*

*or dress or blouse or sweater or sock or skirt or backpack or...

Don't let holes in and stains on your clothes spoil the fun. Use visible mending to revive them, and make them shine brighter than ever before!

Get cracking!

Ready for take-off, but no idea where to start? Read on to get inspired ,collect the necessary materials, watch the online video tutorials, or enrol for a workshop

Step 1

Search fo' 'visible mending' and get inspired by countless creations on the internet. Or - even better - check our inspiration blog, and learn numerous tips and tricks.

Step 2

Gather what you need. Dive into your grandma's sewing box (ask first!), or pay a visit to your local thrift shop. Didn't find everything you need? Then we may have it for you!

Step 3

Have everything you need, but could you do with some help on how to get started? Watch a short tutorial, and get cracking.

Step 4

Do you prefer to learn in group and/or like some guidance while learning to embroider or to visibly mend? Enrol for a workshop, and we'll make sure you have a great evening!

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