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Hello! My name is Lies, and I am the owner of Mémé Georgette. I live in Ghent, Belgium, with my husband, two sons and one dog. And I have a mission. Together with you, I want to diminish textile waste, one item at a time.

How can we do that together?

In different ways:

  • You choose one of my online patterns containing an elaborate explanation on how to use that pattern to repair or upcycle your clothes.
  • You learn how to use different repair techniques by watching my short instruction videos.
  • You enrol for one of my workshops, and together we upcycle your garment, step by step.
  • You let me do it for you, with a pattern that I design for you, or one that you design yourself. Drop me a line, and we can discuss what's possible in your budget.

Why should you mend your clothes?

The current fashion and textile industry as we know it, has a huge impact on our earth. The pressure to buy new clothes every season does not only demand a lot of resources, it's also the main cause that every year, tons of clothes are discarded to landfills. Not to mention the poor working conditions in which a lot of our clothes are being made. This can't go on.

But you can help turn the tide. By mending your clothes, you do your part to make your clothes last longer and to turn your back on the fast fashion industry. One piece of clothing at a time. And by opting for visible mending, you not only make your clothes last longer, you turn them into unique master pieces. Win-win, right?

Do you want to learn more about the impact fast fashion has? Watch the documentary True Cost.

Van waar Mémé Georgette?

My grandma - the real mémé Georgette - used to work as a seamstress, and she always had a big pile of clothes that needed mending in her sewing room. Mostly piled up there by her (grand)children. By mending them, she made sure that we could wear our clothes longer, and buy less new ones.

The one and only mémé Georgette
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