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Rood shirt met een brandweerliedenactie op geborduurd

Ink stain becomes embroidered fireman

My oldest son has a bright red shirt with a small print of a black fire truck. Or, to be more correct, he used to have such a shirt, because the other day he came home from school carrying a big black ink stain right in the middle of said shirt. Sharpie stain. Impossible to remove. Shirt ruined.


Or was it? Using a little bit imagination the stain looked slightly like a fireman's hose. Held by a fireman, of course. So I got out my own markers (removable ones in this case ;-) ) and got going: fireman in action!

Before I started going with the permanent solution, I did check with my son whether he was OK with the idea. Pro tip: always double check with your target audience ;-) Fortunately he was all for it, so I took out needle and thread, and started embroidering.

With quite the result, but also with quite some questions. Where did that hose actually come from? Where's the fire that this fireman is tackling? Is he bald? I must say, they do have an eye for detail in this house ;-) So I draw/embroidered some more, until the whole story was just right.

The hose is attached to a fire hydrant, the fireman is tackling a house on fire. His hair is hidden beneath his helpen, but now you can see it. Questions answered. Chance to add some white details fully taken.

My son wears his shirt again, and in no way you can see that it has ink stains. Son happy, and me happy: another shirt saved from a landfill. And the fireman? He keeps calm, and carries on.

Do you have a shirt lying around that could use an upgrade? Feel free to drop me a line, and together we can find a solution

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