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Turn an old hoodie into brand new patches

Do you have old hoodies lying around? Turn them into patches, and use them to repair and upcycle other items!

Sometimes your left with clothes that are too small, and that have a stain or a tiny hole here and there, so you're not able to pass them on or to sell them. Do you have a hoodie, a pair of sweatpants or a sweater like that lying around? Go fetch it, and we'll turn them into some cool patches.

What do you need?

  • An old hoodie (or other piece of clothing) with a nice print
  • Two old rags (from an old sheet, for example)
  • Double-sided fusible paper
  • A pair of paper scissors
  • A pair of fabric scissors
  • An iron

How to make patches

  1. Use your pair of fabric scissors to cut open the seams of your hoodie.
  2. Cut out the piece that you want to use as a patch.
  3. Place your patch with the wrong side on the grainy side of the double-sided fusible paper.
  4. Place one of the rags on your ironing board, to protect it.
  5. Place your patch on your ironing board, right side facing down with the double-sided fusible paper on top. The paper side of the fusible paper is on top, facing you.
  6. Place the other rag on top, to protect your iron.
  7. Iron for about 10 seconds on the hottest stand. Put some pressure on your iron when doing so, and avoid moving it up and down.

    Your fusible paper is now stuck on your patch. Let it cool down before you move on.

How to attach the patches

  1. Has your patch cooled down? Carefully tear away the paper on the back of the patch.
  2. Place it on the fabric or hole you want to cover with your patch.
  3. Put a damp cloth on top of it all.
  4. Iron for about 10 seconds.
    Your patch is not sticking to your piece of clothing.
  5. To prevent that the patch gets loose, you can secure the edges. You can do so with the zigzag stitch on your sewing machine, or you can use a running stitch, backstitch or a blanket stitch.

All done!

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