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Bleekwatervlekken camoufleren: sanseveriaplant geborduurd over bleekwatervlek heen

How to camouflage bleach stains - Option 2

In a previous post I already explained how you can camouflage bleach stains by covering them with a rice stitch design. This method is sound proof for small stains, but what if you have a really big stain? In that case, you can opt to embroider a design over it.

This pair of trousers got into an argument with the toilet cleaner. What used to be a nice, soft, dark green pair of trousers, was now tainted with a really big orange stain, right in the middle.

Bleekwatervlekken camoufleren: donkergroene broek met daarop langwerpige oranjeplek veroorzaakt door bleekwater

Time to get out the embroidery floss and camouflage this particular bleach stain. I happened to know that the owner of this pair is a crazy plant lady. And the shape of the stain somehow reminded me of the leave of a sanseveria. So I sat myself down in front of my very own sanseveria, and started drawing. As soon as I liked the design, I took out my Frixion pen and started to draw directly on the fabric, so I could get going with that embroidery floss.

Bleekwatervlekken camoufleren: sanseveriaplant geborduurd over bleekwatervlek heen

Plants are ususally green, so that worked nicely with the colour of the pants itself. For the pot, I used a terracotta coloured floss, something that fits nicely with green. When all was finished, I used some gold to finish the edges. Normally I use black to do so, but I didn't like black for this design. And gold matches nicely with the other colours that I used.

When all was finished, I ironed over it from the inside, low heat. This helped to remove the shape of the embroidery hoop, and got rid of the Frixion pen ink. The bleach stain was nowhere to be seen, and this pair of upcycled trousers is ready to live on for years to come.

Do you have a pair of trousers lying around with stains on it?  Feel free to drop me a line, and together we can find a solution to make it look brand new.


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