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Geborduurd monstertje op mouw van rood t-shirt waar zelfde monstertje al in het groot op stond

Repairing washing machine holes

When these monster pyjamas tried to attack the washing machine, they didn't think the machine itself would bite back. Result: washing machine holes. But to repair washing machine holes, I do have some tricks up my sleeve.

Repairing washing machine holes

Step 1: Reinforce the fabric

The fabric used for these pyjamas, was very stretchy, making it fairly hard to embroider on it just like that. So before I started, I attached some interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric, to keep everything in place, and to get rid of some of the stretchiness.

Repairing washing machine holes

There are different types of interfacing, one sturdier than the other. Deciding which one to choose, depends on the fabric you want to reinforce. For this shirt, my aim was to get rid of some of the stretch especially right there where the hole was, but I also wanted to make sure it was still wearable. If you are not familiar with interfacing and how to use it, ask your local fabric shop, they'll be happy to help.

Adding a design

To repair the washing machine hole, I took inspiration from the shirt itself. A large monster on the front asked for a small monster on the sleeve, didn't it? I got out my good old frixion pen and got going.

Removing laundry holes

Go with the monster flow

I tightened the lot under my embroidery hoop, so that the fabric had the exact right tension to embroider my stitches on. With some black and white floss and a couple of running and satin stitches, the job was done in a couple of hours, making these pyjamas last a whole lot longer.

Removing laundry holes

Do you have a pair of pyjamas that have washing machine holes begging to be fixed? Feel free to drop me a line, and together we can find a solution to repair it.

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