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Close up of a dark blue t-shirt with a red and gold star embroidered on its left shoulder to hide two tiny holes that had appeared there

Embroider a star over a hole

No idea how they got there, but that they were actually there, was very obvious: holes on the shoulder of this circus shirt. Something needed to be done.

hole in shoulder of t-shirt

To be able to repair this shirt according to its theme, I studied the original print closely, and noticed the small stars in the big letters. Stars - hole - embroider - bingo.

The word circus in a t-shirt print

All that was left to do was to find some yarn in matching colours, and I could get going.

Embroider a star over a hole

  1. Draw a star over the hole in your shirt, ensuring that the hole is in the middle of the star, so you're sure to sew close the whole hole. To draw these stars on the fabric, I used one of my children's washable markers (mainly because they were within reach and I was too lazy to go up one floor and get my own markers).
  2. Use contrasting yarn that matches the original print of the shirt. I chose red and gold in this case.
  3. Split your yarn according to the number of threads you want to use. I went for the standard number of 3 threads, which is thick enough to cover your hole, and small enough to match the thickness of your t-shirt fabric.
  4. Thread your needle, and knot the end of your yarn.
  5. Embroider the star you drew earlier. To do so, just sew from corner to corner, like you are drawing the star. Going up through point 1, down through point 2, up through point 3 and so on, turning the whole into a woven star. Start from the outside and work inwards.
    Embroider a star over a hole
  6. When finished, knot your yarn from the inside to secure, or just sew a couple of stitches in the same place.

All ready to shine!

Circus shirt with stars embroidered on shoulder

Do you have a t-shirt with a hole lying around that needs fixing? Feel free to drop me a line, and together we can find a solution.

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