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Close up of a black body warmer of which a seam was resewn to hide a hole on the back

Repair a hole in your body warmer

A lost spark burned a hole in this nylon body warmer, not only causing a very ugly spot on its back, but also allowing the inside fluff to escape.

Hole in the back of a body warmer with fluff coming out

Darning a hole in nylon, doesn't work as well as on other fabrics, since nylon is very light, making it hard to find the right yarn and the right needle. Luckily for me, this hole was very close to a seam, allowing me to recreate that seam and hiding the hole completely, leaving practically no mark at all.

Repair a hole in your body warmer

  1. Take a pair of tweezers or a thick needle, en push as much fluff as you can back into the hole.
  2. Take a bit of nylon right above the hole and some right below the hole, and carefully fold them together, over the seam, so that the hole is hidden away between the folded layers of nylon. Use wonder clips to hold your fabric together. If you don't have wonder clips, you can also use clothes pegs or binder clips . But whatever you do, make sure not to use pins, since you'll only be making new holes.
    Wonder clips holding together new seam in body warmer
  3. Fold the upper and lower fabric together across the whole width of your body warmer, to create a new seam. Take your time to do so, making sure you make this new seam as straight as possible. Keep in mind you may have to fidget a bit: you won't be able to fold the same amount of fabric together at the sides, as the amount you can fold together in the centre, since you are working towards the side seam.
  4. Take a thin needle and some yarn in the same colour as your body warmer, and sew the seam closed using a ladder stitch. Do this very carefully, and try to catch as little fluff as possible on the inside of your body warmer.
  5. When you are finished sewing the new seam, remove the fluff that did escape. To do so, first try to pull it back in, by pulling the fabric from the inside. If there's still some fluff showing, carefully remove it using a pair of tweezers.
    Sewn up hole in a body warmer, with some fluff still coming out and a pair of tweezers ready to remove the fluff.

All done, and nearly invisible!

New seam in body warmer that covers up a hole. Plant standing next to body warmer.

Do you have a body warmer with a hole lying around that you would like to see repaired? Feel free to drop me a line, and together we can find a solution.

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