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Grey sweater with dancing cups lying on the florr with a plant next to it. The cups are surrounded by musical notes, and one of those notes is embroidered, covering up a hole.

Repair a hole in your sweater

This cheerful sweater's sleeve got cought on something, resulting in a tiny hole in its fabric. But no worries, with a bit of black embroidery floss this hole was repaired in no time, completely in the original print's style.

Hole in grey sweater

This sweater was covered in musical notes, in between dancing cups. And these musical notes were the perfect size to cover up this hole.

Repair a hole in your sweater

  1. Draw a musical note (or another shape) across the hole. Make sure your drawing covers the whole hole.
    Tip: To draw this musical note, I used one of the washable markers that my kids have lying around. Pick one in a colour that contrasts with the colour of your embroidery floss, which will make it easy for you to see which part you already covered, and which part you still have to do. Use a red marker, if you are planning to use black embroidery floss, for example. I didn't do this, and used a dark green marker (because it happened to be near me and my laziness was stronger than my efficiency) while I was planning to use black thread. My eyes still hurt 😉
  2. Take your embroidery floss, and determine how many threads you will need to match the thickness of your fabric. The fabric of this sweater is rather light, so I opted to use 2 threads.
  3. Embroider over your design, using a satin stitch.
    muzieknoot over gat heen geborduurd
  4. Tie off your thread on the inside of your sweater.

All done!

Muzieknoot met zwart garen over gaatje in grijze sweater geborduurd

Do you have a sweater lying around with a hole that needs fixing? Feel free to drop me a line, and together we can find a solution.

Zwarte muzieknoot geborduurd over gaatje in lichtgrijze sweater


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