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Light blue t-shirt with long sleeves and a very busy dinosaurs and cars print lying on the ground, showing off an embroidered lightning drawing that covers up a hole

Repair a hole in your t-shirt

In the midst of the very busy print on this shirt, a tiny hole was trying to hide itself. Got caught somewhere, I suppose. The busy design proved useful as inspiration to repair this hole - I just embroidered something on that was already there. In this case: a white lightning arrow. Read on to find out how to repair a hole in your t-shirt.

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Back of a t-shirt with a dinosaur embroidered on top

Repair a tear in your t-shirt

While climbing trees someone's t-shirt got caught by a branch. Result: a tear in the back of this t-shirt. But you can easily repair a tear like this, it doesn't have to mean the end of your shirt. In this case, a very smiley dinosaur and a couple of embroidery stitches saved the day.

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