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Camouflage a nail polish stain

This flowy pair of trousers was attacked out of nowhere, by a bottle of nail polish. Result: an ugly stain that could not be removed in any way. But it's not because you can't remove it, that you can't camouflage it. With some embroidery, for example.

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Light-coloured trousers lying on the ground to show off the same colour embroidery in sashiko style that covers up a stain that used to be visible on the left leg

Upcycle your trousers with sashiko

By trying to rub off a dark stain on these trousers, an unwanted lighter eyecatcher took its place. But by adding a nice sashiko pattern with some yarn in the same colour, I upcycled these trousers into a very much wanted eyecatcher.

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Dandelions embroidered on cardigan

Pimp your cardigan

A hole in the armpit, pockets on the verge of ripping, and small stains haphazardly spread over the front. Would it be possible for me to save this cardigan from the landfill?

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Rood shirt met een brandweerliedenactie op geborduurd

Ink stain becomes embroidered fireman

My oldest son has a bright red shirt with a small print of a black fire truck. Or, to be more correct, he used to have such a shirt, because the other day he came home from school carrying a big black ink stain right in the middle of said shirt. Sharpie stain. Impossible to remove. Shirt ruined. Or was it?

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