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Camouflage a nail polish stain

This flowy pair of trousers was attacked out of nowhere, by a bottle of nail polish. Result: an ugly stain that could not be removed in any way. But it's not because you can't remove it, that you can't camouflage it. With some embroidery, for example.

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5 reasons to mend your clothes

In a world full of fast fashion where clothes have become disposable products, we tend to forget that you can also repair a torn piece of clothing, instead of quickly buying something new (online). Nevertheless, it's worth it to invest some time in mending your ripped clothes. With or without visible mending. Read on to discover 5 very valuable reasons to start right away.

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Light blue t-shirt with long sleeves and a very busy dinosaurs and cars print lying on the ground, showing off an embroidered lightning drawing that covers up a hole

Repair a hole in your t-shirt

In the midst of the very busy print on this shirt, a tiny hole was trying to hide itself. Got caught somewhere, I suppose. The busy design proved useful as inspiration to repair this hole - I just embroidered something on that was already there. In this case: a white lightning arrow. Read on to find out how to repair a hole in your t-shirt.

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Vintage brown seventies blouse with a flowery motive that used to have a tear but has now been repaired with embroidery that mimicks the same design

Repair a tear in your blouse

This vintage seventies blouse had a big tear on its back, and could no longer be worn. Some fusible woven stay tape and embroidery floss saved the day in the end. But how exactly do you use those to repair such a tear in your blouse?

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Zwart t-shirt met daarop het what the frog patroon geborduurd

Upcycle your preloved t-shirt

I scored this plain black t-shirt in the thrift shop and thought it could use something extra. So I embroidered this little frog on it. With some gold floss, to add some additional bling. Would you like to embroider this cute frog on your shirt as well? You can do so as follows:

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Black laptop backpack standing on the floor, in front of a white cupboard. Left of the backpack there's a plant. On the backpack there is a bright red strip of pleather that replaced the old black worn pleather that used to be there. On the right, the text Repair your backpack is displayed in white letters with a black background, and with the logo of Meme Georgette in the top right corner

Repair your backpack in 6 steps

This backpack has been around since 2007, leaving some signs of wear here and there: the zipper was broken, the pleather had peeled off, the lining of the handle had come loose, and it had a bit of a hole on the side. Time for operation Repair Your Backpack!

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Grey sweater with dancing cups lying on the florr with a plant next to it. The cups are surrounded by musical notes, and one of those notes is embroidered, covering up a hole.

Repair a hole in your sweater

This cheerful sweater's sleeve got cought on something, resulting in a tiny hole in its fabric. But no worries, with a bit of black embroidery floss this hole was repaired in no time, completely in the original print's style.

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Light-coloured trousers lying on the ground to show off the same colour embroidery in sashiko style that covers up a stain that used to be visible on the left leg

Upcycle your trousers with sashiko

By trying to rub off a dark stain on these trousers, an unwanted lighter eyecatcher took its place. But by adding a nice sashiko pattern with some yarn in the same colour, I upcycled these trousers into a very much wanted eyecatcher.

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